Interview with New Rider and New Motorcycle Owner "G4"

Episode 008 · May 6th, 2019 · 1 hr 37 mins

About this Episode

In this episode John Gardiner IV (aka "G4") joins me to discuss his journey in becoming a new motorcycle rider and the also his adventures in shopping for his first bike. John found my podcast when he started searching the internet for help on getting started in this sport that we all love so much. So I was elated when John agreed to come on the show to discuss his own story, as one of my goals for this podcast is helping new people from all walks of life find the activity of motorcycling and helping them get a successful start in it.

John is a Graduate Fellow at Penn State University and lives in central Pennsylvania and is now the proud owner of a brand new Yamaha Tracer 900 GT.

We talk about his experience getting his license by doing the free motorycle training program offered in PA which is based on the Total Control training program developed by Lee Parks. We also talk about the steps he took to decide on the right motorcycle for him and also the things that can be done to better fit a motorcycle to the rider. And we cover what the beginning rider courses do and do not cover and also what a new rider should do after finishing a basic training course, to become more comfortable with their motorycle and with riding in general. These are steps that can make you safer, more confident and insure that you have years of enjoyable motorcycling ahead of you.

We also talk about the clutch, the "friction zone" and "slipping the clutch" as well as an easy way to understand what counter-steering is. We wrap up by talking a little bit about electric bicycles and about model railroading and the podcast that John started to help get new people started in the world of model railroading.

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