Interview with Fast Eddie from Motojitsu

Episode 009 · May 9th, 2019 · 2 hrs 8 mins

About this Episode

In this episode I have a special guest, Greg Widmar (aka Fast Eddie), who not only is a very experienced Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Total Control Training motorcycle rider trainer and coach, but he has also developed his own Motojitsu Master Rider Training Program to help students and riders build their skills by doing a carefully laid out series of steps or "belts", similar to the systems used in various types of martial arts. Students are awarded various belts in sequence as they master the skills, ability and knowledge associated with each level of training and accomplishment.

We also talk about Greg's 10 years of experience in the US Marines as a Marine drill instructor, and how that experience helped him build the discipline and work ethic that he now brings to his motorcycling and the training of other motorcyclists. Greg also shares a little about the 2 years that he spend in Iraq as a Marine and how that has shaped his outlook about other people and how it showed him that most people in the world are really good people who just want to live a happy and fulfilling life.

We also talk about his new 2018 BMW S1000R and doing trackdays. In fact the day after this interview he was headed to the track to kick the tires on his new ride.

Integrated with our discussion about motorcycling, motorcycle training and Motojitsu, are discussions about life in general, philosophy towards life, eduction, hard work and the keys to success and how all of these things tie into the sport of motorcycling that we all enjoy so much.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed doing this interview!

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