Chat with Justin Edson from Jedz Moto

Episode 012 · May 30th, 2019 · 1 hr 25 mins

About this Episode

In this episode I have a really cool chat with Justin Edson who I have come to know as a fellow listener of some other podcasts that we share an interest in. It is Justin's attitude towards life and his extensive experience riding and wrenching on motorcycles that gave me the idea to have him on as a guest of the show. We talk a little bit about Jack Daley, a great friend and riding buddy of Justin's, who unfortunately passed away a couple months ago, and we discuss why Jack was such an important part of Justin's life. In honor of Jack, we share a toast to him, and we dedicate this episode to his memory and legacy. We also talk about the 46 different motorcycles that Justin has owned and wrenched on over the years, and how his mission to help make great running, reliable and inexpensive used motorcycles available to new and experienced riders led to the formation of Jedz Moto. We also get into the ways in which motorcycling can be very fulfilling to the human soul and the fact that there seems to be a spiritual side to this amazing sport and hobby that we share and love. We end off discussing some tips for new motorcycle riders and things they can do to be successful and fulfilled motorcyclists.

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