First Update from New Rider "G4"

Episode 014 · June 13th, 2019 · 1 hr 38 mins

About this Episode

In this episode, John Gardiner IV (G4) joins me to give us a full update on how he likes his 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT, and how he is progressing on his riding skills development and working on his Motojitsu belts.

We find out how it was that John actually came to the conclusion that it was time to become a motorcyclist and buy his first motorcycle.

We talk a little about negotiating when buying a new motorcycle from a dealer.

John also talks about how his grandmother helped him out so that he was able to get all the gear and protection he wanted for himself and his motorcycle without having to wait several months as he originally had planned.

We also talk about making minor motorcycle modifications...John installing crash bars on his Tracer, and Gina and I installing highway bars on her Indian Scout Sixty.

John gives us details on the program he put together for himself to help him expand out on his riding activities as he gets more comfortable on his bike, and how repetition, practice and always having an abort plan in mind helps him feel safer and more at ease when riding. We also discuss working up to doing higher speeds and also dealing with wind and having improved reaction times the faster you ride your bike.

We talk about the importance of developing good habits and routines...kind of like having a "preflight checklist" as is used by aircraft pilots...for your motorcycling activites. And we consider the benefit of look backing and learning from mistakes and goofs. Finally we weigh out the value of mixing training courses with practice, practice, practice.

And we share our experiences working on our Motojitsu White Belts and how that is helping us obtain better control of our motorcycles and become more skilled riders.

We also learn what made John decide to adopt the model name "Tracer" as the actual nickname for his bike.

I also mention a little about DanDanTheFireman and how his mission dovetails with what Fast Eddie is doing with Motojitsu.

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