Life at Lean with Dan Netting

Episode 020 · July 25th, 2019 · 1 hr 48 mins

About this Episode

In this episode I chat with Dan Netting, entrepreneur, and founder of Life at Lean and The Track Academy. After having a couple of bad experiences on the track, including injuring himself in two crashes, and in the process wrecking two bikes, Dan decided to become a dedicated student of riding on the track and educated himself to become a very safe, talented track day rider, and now devotes his time to helping other track day enthusiasts accomplish the same things that he did.

Dan and I also spend some time answering some questions sent in by a listener, about trail braking and tank slappers, and we go over what counter-steering is all about.

I also give some listener shout-outs and discuss how many of my listeners are starting to form a good community around the podcast.

And I share some tips I've developed on riding more comfortably on long stints on weekend trips including gear I use to make hot weather riding more bearable, how to protect yourself from impact and abrasion and still be comfortable, and how I stay comfortable in the saddle of my Kawasaki Z900RS.

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