Motorcycle Racer Chris Bays and New Racing Fan G4

Episode 026 · September 18th, 2019 · 1 hr 30 mins

About this Episode

In this episode I chat with MotoAmerica Twins Cup motorcycle racer Chris Bays and listener John Gardiner who won the MotoAmerica weekend pass that Chris and I make available via the recent give-a-way. As of this recording, John had not yet used the ticket, but was going to see the races in Pittsburgh, PA the following weekend. Since John had never seen any form of racing before, he had a lot of questions to ask about motorcycle racing and this get together was the perfect opportunity for Chris and I to answer them…Chris as the MotoAmerica racer…and me as the MotoAmerica fan. John did see the Championship of Pittsburgh and got to meet Chris in person. John had a great time at the races and sent me lots of photos and video while he was there. Without a doubt we now have a new motorcycle racing fan in our midst…which is a big win for Chris and I, and anyone else who wants to see the sport of motorcycle racing continue to grow!

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