What I am Learning about Motorcycle Gear for Road and Track

Episode 034 · December 4th, 2019 · 1 hr 14 mins

About this Episode

In this episode I answer an email from a listener who is looking to buy his first motorcycle and is looking for advice on how much to spend on his motorcycle gear. I take this opportunity to answer his question by discussing all the things I have learned recently about high end gear that is suitable for track riding, as I start preparing myself to start riding on the track in 2020. I cover the fact that I am facing the same dilemma that he is…how much do I spend? I discuss what I am learning about helmets, boots and track suits, and the approach I am taking to move ahead and decide what to buy. I also mention that I have decided that before I start getting very involved in doing track days, I first want to improve my riding skills, and learn how to ride properly on the track, by taking the type of training offered by the California Superbike School and Total Control Training.

I also talk about the things I have learned about Shoei and Arai helmets and some special features of Dainese track suits and boots. I also share what I have learned regarding the design features that make a helmet safer and more effective in a crash.

And I mention the importance of deciding how to dress for your ride before you get on the bike.

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