Interview with Darren Waite from Forma Boots USA

Episode 044 · May 17th, 2020 · 1 hr 2 mins

About this Episode

This episode is a great chat with Darren Waite, who not only is a fellow motorcyclist, but used to club race motorcycles in Australia, and has worked in the motorsports industry for 25 years. Darren is responsible for bringing the racing, track riding, motocross, adventure and street riding products of Italian based Forma Boots to the Australian and the US markets. We talk in depth about the Forma Ice Pro boots that I recently purchased for street and track riding, the technology behind them, why they are used by MotoGP racer Danilo Petrucci, and how Forma’s technology and approach to boot design, development and manufacturing is applied to the products they supply for all disciplines of motorcycle riding.

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