Racing with Miyouko Moto

Episode 045 · May 25th, 2020 · 1 hr 3 mins

About this Episode

This episode is an awesome chat with Miyouko Wu, who makes her living as a nurse specializing in wound care, but who also spends many of her weekends as a track day rider and amateur motorcycle racer. Miyouko started riding motorcycles on the street in 2015, started doing track days a year later, and with the encouragement and support of some very good track friends, including Dave Moss from Dave Moss Tuning, started club racing in the AFM, the American Federation of Motorcyclists. Miyouko also recently started her own social media channel, “Miyouko Moto", to help support her passion to encourage and support more people, especially women, to try motorcycling, track day riding and racing.

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