Changing the World One Tour at a Time With Cat MacLeod

Episode 049 · June 18th, 2020 · 1 hr 26 mins

About this Episode

This episode is a great chat with Cat MacLeod from Leod Motorcycle Escapes, a motorcycle touring company that specializes in tours for accomplished, performance minded riders that want to experience getting the most out of their riding skills both on the twisty public roads in the mountains as well as on MotoGP race tracks. Cat and I talk about the tours that he offers, the challenges he is facing due to COVID-19, some funny stories related to the tours he has conducted in the past, as well as his own experiences as a track day rider, particularly on his new Yamaha R1 which has been a big help in moving him up to riding in the A Group. We also talk about my first track day a couple weeks ago, which is a great segue into how a motorcycle rider interested in a Leod Escape can prepare themselves if they are not yet riding at that level.

This episode was recorded as a live video shown using Facebook Live. So if you prefer, you can check out the video on my Facebook Page “So, you want to ride a Motorcycle?”

Stay tuned as I will be doing as many of these podcast recordings as possible using Facebook Live on Wednesday nights at 8 pm ET and I will of course continue to make the audio portion available via this podcast. You can email questions for my guests and I prior to the live show using, or even better yet, tune in while we are recording and post your questions online. We will do the best we can to answer all questions while we record. Further instructions will be posted before each live show on my Facebook page.

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