Suspension Basics and the Motool Slacker Digital Suspension Tuner

Episode 053 · July 21st, 2020 · 1 hr 28 mins

About this Episode

This episode is a great discussion with John Casebeer, owner of Motool and inventor of the Slacker Digital Suspension Tuner. John raced motorcycles in the 1980s on motocross circuits and in the dessert. After John lost some friends to racing accidents, his dad pulled the plug on his racing aspirations, and John went to technical school and eventually built an Information Technology company. After 20 years of touring the country, playing in hardcore punk rock bands as a sideline, John decided it was time for a new hobby and decided to get back into motorcycles. At that point he found himself riding four-cycle dirt bikes, which behaved much differently than the two-cycle dirt bikes that he grew up around. One of the things that plagued him was not having a simple and efficient way to set up, change and monitor the sag on his race bikes. He tried some tools that were out on the market, but not being satisfied with what he found, he set out to design a new suspension sag measurement tool which allowed the rider to accurately measure the sag without the need for friends to hold the bike, lift the bike and take the needed measurements. Thus, the Slacker digital suspension tuner was born. After various trials and tribulations, and four different versions, John now has the tool he dreamed about having so many years ago. Over the last several years, John has shipped over 18,000 Slacker units and continues to innovate the product as well as develop new products for the motorcycle recreational and racing industries.

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