So, you want to ride a Motorcycle?

Podcast Supporters

Podcast Supporters

I would like to give my sincere thank you and appreciation to the following people for being financial supporters of my podcast. Please go to my PayPal page if you would like to join them in helping to support the show.

Supercharged Inline 4 Club (Total Donations of $250+)

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6 Cylinder Club (Total Donations of $150+)

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V4 Club (Total Donations of $100+)

Jon DelVecchio
Jon began riding shortly after starting a family, not the typical stage in a person’s life to jump on a motorcycle. The obvious need for self-preservation fueled skill development and eventual MSF coaching certification. After years of riding twisties with friends, he was hooked on sport riding and began studying more advanced techniques. Jon shares his experience with fellow riders so they too can have more confidence and enjoyment in the curves. Be it road trips with his friends or teaching Street Skills courses, Jon’s happy to ride every chance he can.
Jon DelVecchio
You can find Jon's book and his online courses using the links below. Please use these affiliate links to sign up for the course as 20% of the purchase price will go to the "So, you want to ride a Motorcycle" podcast and will help me promote my podcast and Facebook page and bring more people into the sport of motorcycling!

Inline 4 Club (Total Donations of $40+)

Andrew Goodman
Andrew started riding motorcycles in his early twenties. Finding a more effective way to commute through rush hour London traffic was the excuse, but in learning to ride he fulfilled a lifelong goal.

He hit the ground running, and got hold of anything and everything he could find to help him understand his strange and beguiling new hobby, and a more experienced mentor to show him the ropes.

Ever since he can remember, Andrew has been fascinated with how things work. He eventually became a chartered mechanical engineer, and has applied his knowledge of engineering and physics to his riding progression; whether servicing bikes, commuting, or track riding.
Supporter Andrew Goodman
You can find Andrew’s book using the links below. If you make a purchase, please use these links to help support this podcast!

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Richard Warfield Jr.
The photo below was taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way to 2019 Loud Pipes! Gettysburg Meet-up. It was a great trip again this year! Rich is one of the hosts of the Loud Pipes! podcast and the owner of RDub Studios, LLC which produces Loud Pipes!, and three other motorcycle related podcasts as well as the occasional YouTube video. Starting out riding a Kawasaki KLR650 anywhere and everywhere, a 12 year stint was had on a 2007 Harley-Davidson Softail Deuce. Around 2016 he was bitten hard by the sport bike bug, leading to the purchase of a Yamaha R6, and doing several track days on it, and then converting the daily ride from the Harley to a Honda Interceptor. Rich mentioned "I am pleased to support Chris, 'Old Man Slacker', in his podcasting efforts and it is a treat to watch the growth and progress of his podcast over time. "
Supporter Richard Warfield Jr
You can contact Rich by using these links to find out more about RDub Studios and the Loud Pipes! motorcycle podcast.

Triple Club (Total Donations of $30+)

Aaron @themotorcyclerider
Here is what Aaron shared about himself:
"I’m a fan of riding anything with two wheels, a moto-traveler, an amateur racer, trackday enthusiast, gear advocate and professional wrench. I’m glad to support Chris and his message on this podcast that I’ve enjoyed listening to."
Aaron owns his own motorcycle shop in Hamilton Ohio: Apex Cycle & Salvage. He specializes in KTM, but services other European and Japanese brands as well.
Aaron @themotorcyclerider
You can find Aaron on social media and contact him via email.
Instagram: @themotorcyclerider
FaceBook: The Motorcycle Rider

V-Twin Club (Total Donations of $20+)

Harley Nemzer
Harley is retired from a career as a Marketing/Sales Professional at a Fortune 100 Company and is currently a New York State Certified Motorcycle Instructor for the On The Road Again Motorcycle School in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. He also serves as their Marketing and Public Relations manager and as a part time wrench. After riding mini bikes, he found himself flying down Utica Ave. on a broken down bicycle with a lawnmower engine driving the front tire through a roller. While attempting to stop it by reaching over the engine to get to the throttle he got the shock of his life through the sparkplug. So, sliding through an intersection with the rear wheel locked and the front still pulling, he knew he loved this sport. Harley got his motorcycle endorsement at 19...his first new bike was the quick Suzuki X6 Hustler and he has had a succession of bikes following that.
What’s in the garage? Harley Davidson Road King, Triumph Bonneville T100, Triumph Street Triple R, Moto Guzzi V9, 1972 Yamaha XS650 and a 1977 Sportster!
He was very active in gymkhana (Mini Coopers) and Road Courses (Jaguar E type). Harley strives to be a Motorcycle Ambassador and Safety proponent!!!
Supporter Harley Nemzer
You can contact Harley on Facebook at @harley.nemzer

Parallel Twin Club (Total Donations of $10+)

Shane Patilla
Shane has listened to all of the podcast episodes released as of 1/2/2020, is currently getting ready to take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course, and soon will be shopping for his first motorcycle. I am grateful to have him as a listener!
You can contact Shane on Instagram at @nyrugger122019

Jerry Varvaro
Here is what Jerry shared about himself:
"I rode a little in college on a friend's bike, but I didn't really start in earnest until i turned 40, when I bought a new Honda VTX 1300. I have some great friends who are NYPD Highway Patrol Motorcycle officers who trained me and helped be get prepared for my road test. Those guys, plus Keith Code's Twist of the Wrist book and video was how I was trained and got my initial understanding of the theories on how to ride. I went from the VTX to a new 2008 Harley Sportster 1200L. I really miss that was great fun and easy to ride. I didn't want to take time away from the kids, and as they got older I decided to sell the bike in 2012, and I got awat from riding for a while. Now they are both in college, so in April of 2019 I found a 2011 Electra Glide Ultra Limited (my dream bike). I ride mostly around Suffolk County and out east when I can, but I am looking to do some touring in the near future. I love the Ultra but it is a very specific kind of ride. So, I hope to get a second used bike this year to have a completely different riding experience like a standard/naked bike or maybe another Sportster. I am very happy to support the podcast as I feel it is an important resource for riders of all different types and skills...especially new riders!"
Supporter Jerome Varvaro

Thumper Club (Total Donations of $5+)

John Gardiner IV (G4)
2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT. Find John on Facebook at @AstroG4.